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Install Naglite3 for Nagios 4

I needed a quick dashboard for Nagios. I looked at Dashing and a few others, but ultimately settled on Naglite3 since its simple to setup and gives the information I need on whats up/down, etc… I’ll go through the steps I went through to get Naglite3 setup.

The first step is to choose which directory you want Naglite3 to live in. Since I’m not too particular with URLs and this will only be up on a big screen; I chose to place it in a new folder called dashboard within the Nagios web directory (/usr/local/nagios/share/dashboard).

mkdir /usr/local/nagios/share/dashboard
cd /usr/local/nagios/share/dashboard

Once you have your location, we’ll clone the git repository.

git clone git://

Next we’ll need to copy the config example and point Naglite3 towards the status.dat file

cp config.php.example config.php

Change the following line(s):

// $statusFile = '/var/cache/nagios3/status.dat';
$statusFile = '/usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat';

Save the file and open a browser to http://your-nagios-server/nagios/dashboard… And thats it! You now havea dashboard for Nagios.

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